Common Mistakes Couple Do Before Their Marriage Celebration

Going out planning things with your partner can be very exciting. Especially when it is the both of you doing things for your special day. They is so much to look into and it is also very easy to get carried away by the thrill of it all and make some very common mistakes that will take away from that special day. The truth is that most couples get very emotional and competitive around and about their nuptials and there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. But if you also have the chance to avoid doing these mistakes, you will be a lot happier when the day is finally here. The following are some of the most common mistakes that couples do but are completely unaware about.

Not Doing the Correct Math

So how much exactly did you have on budget? Can you really afford all those tailor-made centerpieces that you thin are so important? How many guests will actually be attending, give or take ten or twenty maybe so that you can make the reservations right? There is no point in getting a large function room Geelong if your guests only number about thirty or forty. Even when it comes to things like food and seating, you need to do the math right so that you do not go over your budget. Do not go too much in excess, wasting is never good.

Getting Too Competitive

This is your day. Not anybody else’s and therefore, all you need to focus on in what the both of you really want out of it. After all, it is you two that will be spending the rest of your lives together and will be cherishing all the memories from your nuptials. Most couples compare their plans with what their family members have done before or what their friends did and try to do something better than that and in doing so lose all sense of originality and happiness becoming very mechanical and stringent on what the final outcome is. Stay free and relax. Just enjoy this as much as possible and you will have a beautifully unique day!

Trying To Include Way Too Much

It’s a celebration of the union of your life with your better half, not the next big global entertainment event. Tone it down a bit and know that even though that temptation to try and include everything as much as possible can get really hard to resist, you do not need to have so much going on. A simple occasion is something that everybody loves at the end of the day where everyone gets to bond with the new couple and enjoy a drink and a meal together along with a good laugh. Having too many things going on will make it look like a carnival and not a marriage celebration.


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