How to use skype conference calls better

Skype, as many people already know, is a chatting program that allows you to talk to people online via text, video and phone calls. With the right type of equipment and setup, it can be used as the ultimate tool for video conferencing during meetings where some of the attendees can’t be present on time.


Of course, there are many different risks that come with the program. Most of these can be avoided quite easily as long as the right amount of preparation is had. Before you begin using Skype to attend the meetings with your fellow workers, directors or managers, you need to understand the tools and requirements for it to function as intended. For one, you are going to need a computer that has some pretty decent specs. You can’t be conferencing with a Pentium 4 processor, after all.


Make Sure You Meet the Hardware Requirements

In fact, if you are conferencing to your company in Geelong and everyone in the Geelong conference centre accommodation total to about 20 people, your computer is going to need 20 times the processing power of a normal video call. You also can’t be calling them over a dial-up internet connection. For a smooth experience, you need to have a fast, high-speed internet connection with a great computer as well. To make it even smoother, make sure you free up the resources in the CPU for skype to utilize. The RAM is also required to be free for the most part. Any other processes that are running will cause your conference to lag, freeze and even drop entirely. If you are on a laptop, this reduction in the load on the processor means that the computer won’t heat up nearly as much, reducing your background noise and interference too.


Close All Other Internet Applications

If you are on a network with other people who are using the internet, you are going to be in more than a little trouble. Obviously, the people participating in the conference call from the Geelong conference centre accommodation will have their own problems with networking to deal with, but it is more important to sort things out on your end. Shut down all other computers on the network. If you have been watching fluffy cat videos on a website, close your browser as well.

If you are currently downloading the beta release of that new game that is coming next month, shut that program down. Anything trying to share the bandwidth with your computer needs to fly out of the window.

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